SEO Fitness Workbook, 2012 Edition: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Dominating Google and Bing by Jason McDonald

A good knowledge of SEO will pay dividends.

SEO is not only important for business and marketers, but also to increase a person's income. For instance, workplaces such as oDesk pay premiums for SEO work. More and more customers are going to the internet and especially search engines such as Google and Bing to not only buy things but also solve their daily problems and look for help on various matters.

The Internet is a great market to sell your skills and having great SEO skills will pay big dividends. This is a good book because there are more than 100 great free SEO tools that are identified for you to enjoy some good page ranks for your companies, products and services.

Online content has to be optimized and there ample sources that can be found by just googling. But when it comes to a book, I felt that this was the best out there regardless of critics pointing out that it was no point of spending $45 for stuff that can be found for free online.

I guess if you’re serious about SEO, then this book is for you. For beginners you might be better of reading online guidelines for SEO and implementing it in your blog or website until it gets a lot of page views. At this point, a book like this comes in hand to polish your skills.

It does have some pretty good ratings on Amazon. Sometimes, these types of books serve as great references when getting to work and maintaining your website and the workbook gives a lot of insights and tips that can be used right away for immediate results.

Getting Started with MATLAB 7: A Quick Introduction for Scientists and Engineers by Rudra Pratap

Master Matlab

A thorough knowledge of Matlab comes in handy and often commands a premium in the workplace. This should come as no surprise for those of you employed in technology, as the program is widely used in research and academia.

The best way to prepare in adding a skill like Matlab to your resume is to use this book. For college students, exposure to Matlab will help you conduct research at ease and give you an edge when interviewing for jobs. Moreover, the ability to do research and having a solid background in Matlab will give you a competitive advantage in any graduate school application.

The thing that I liked with this Matlab book is that it was not only a go-to reference for me whenever I needed one, but it also had nice illustrations and easy to follow instructions and guidelines that made the whole experience worthwhile. It will be challenging to try out the exercises at the end of each chapter, but you can then compare with the answers given in the book. Trying out the syntax in Matlab and getting used to it is up to the learner, but a good book definitely gives a boost.

This Matlab book is at the level of an undergraduate course. But even though it seems introductory, it will give a good grounding before moving on to more advanced text. The point is that this book will give you that Matlab skill, but it may be somewhat basic for Matlab experts. For scientists and engineers, the $34.16 invested in this book will pay big dividends in the years to come.

Mastering Excel 2007: A Problem-Solving Approach

An informative book by James Gips

I guess this is another Excel book that I am listing here and I know this is the Technology Book Club and so I will make an effort to review other tech books. But right now, I came across Mastering Excel 2007: A Problem-Solving Approach and felt it would be a great book for all you people out there who are preparing to enter the top business schools.

Being well prepared for business school means that you should be great with spreadsheets and be able to build a balance sheet and income statement with a solid understanding of the formulas too. Statistical analysis with the data is also very necessary and this is where it is important for even those outside of business school.

Knowledge of excel and a firm understanding of some of the principles that this book highlights will obviously make you a more attractive candidate to hire and can also improve your productivity if you are a business owner, for instance.

This book offers plenty of examples for you to be able to set up several examples quickly and comfortably. Spreadsheets come in handy in many business functions and these examples will give you a better understanding so that you are not overwhelmed the next time you need to find out if unit sales will increase and by what rate when, for example, the GDP of a country goes up.

I always felt that it would be nice to have a couple of different books to refer when trying to master a skill like Excel and so this is the other book that I would recommend.


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Edition (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) by Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman

Chance favors the Prepared Mind.

Education is all about being prepared and ready for the opportunities. Each generation should do better than the previous and this is vital for the human species to move forward. That is why I want to share something here.

For all you people in high school that are lucky enough to read this post, I encourage you to go ahead and pick up this book as a way of really putting yourself up to speed with what is happening in programming and computer science. It is like I said, try to always be one step ahead with what you are reading and look to get college level classes that satisfy prerequisites for even higher level courses out of the way while you’re still in school.

I know that a lot of you probably know how a lot of people from India come to the United States and work in the IT sector. Additionally, a lot of IT jobs get outsourced to India. Infosys is a big player in the IT industry and even in outsourcing workers. It will be of high interest for you to note that a lot of workers that have graduated college are made to cover the material in this book before starting work at Infosys.

Even if you’re not in high school, this is a great book because it gives you a great foundation to get started in programming. Obviously, there is nothing like taking the course at a top university, but reading this book is a great substitute.

It is worth the investment, considering how in demand people with programming skills are nowadays.

A great author on Excel books – John Walkenbach

He is known as ‘Mr. Spreadsheet’

I was talking about how useful Microsoft Excel is and how mastering it can lead to a pretty lucrative career. It was only fitting then that I look for a good book on becoming really proficient at it. That is when I came across an author who has written over 30 books on Excel and spreadsheets in general.

John Walkenbach has authored the Microsoft Excel Bible for versions 2003, 2007 and 2010. Each one is a comprehensive guide and useful for anybody who is willing to learn Excel, whether they are beginners or power users. Additionally, Walkenback has a website dedicated to Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets called The Spreadsheet Page.

Definitely get one of his books depending on which version of Excel you want to master, as it will serve as a wonderful reference guide full of examples, tips and shortcuts.

The Microsoft Excel 2010 Bible is a bestseller and it is one that I have started reading ever since I picked it up at the college library nearby. I would recommend the Excel 2003 Bible as that version is what a lot of businesses tend to use, especially investment banks, etc.

Nevertheless, the commonality in some of the books by him that I have skimmed through and used from time to time is how thorough the material really is. I really think the best way to learn Excel VBA and the advanced programming are to practice by making the models using books such as those by ‘Mr. Spreadsheet’ as a guide.

But programming skills can be improved by making an effort to understand basic programming structure and reading about how to structure code. In my next post, I want to cover this and talk about a good book on the C/C++ programming language.

Microsoft Office 2010: Introductory (Shelly Cashman)


Book: Microsoft Office 2010: Introductory  (Shelly Cashman)

Author:  Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermaat

This book introduces readers to the new version of Microsoft Office. Shelly Cashman’s book series for over three decades has helped million of students to improve their computer skills. The book series provides step-by-step instructions, has specific features to engage students, improve their retention, and help them through exploration, experimentation and planning ahead.  Along with helping prepare them for the future. Some of the new features of in the series has an updated and expanded portions on Microsoft Word, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint and Outlook by giving them proper instruction to these programs.  The book is broken down into topic redistribution by offering complete and concise chapters allowing the readers to gain a better understanding about the applications.  New educational elements with more enriched materials, accessibility, it is user-friendly access and navigation through each chapter.   This instructional guidebook is very informative and helpful.  I would recommend obtaining the CD version that goes with the book to get the complete amounts of information and full instruction.  I received this book quickly and it was in great shape.  I would say this book is perfect for the beginner who needs an introduction into how to use Microsoft Office 2010.  This book is also good for an advanced learner and I would say that is a perfect refresher course book for those who know all about Microsoft Office 2010.  The book provides a resourceful good training to use the entire Microsoft Office Suite. 

Book: Windows 7 For Dummies Book + DVD Bundle


Book: Windows 7 For Dummies Book + DVD Bundle


Author: Andy Rathbone

Windows 7 has remained one of the most popular Microsoft operating system providing a much more helpful interface for PC users.  This book is a handy package for users of any level from beginning to advanced levels.  The Windows 7 package is a two for one deal with a full-sized Windows 7 For Dummies book, including a DVD with over two hours of video training.  This book has an easy-to-use guide with video illustrations and highlights the new features of Windows 7, the graphical elements, easy interactive connection with other devices with much faster speeds. 

The book contains colorful illustrations to help the Windows 7 user achieve basic tasks. The book and DVD shows users how to use certain features such as music, movies, and photo management.  Additional features include how to upgrade your Windows 7 system, and troubleshoot any problems you may encounter with your system.   This book is well written with a little sense of humor which many of the Dummies book series have in them.  This book helps computer users of all levels and users will not get lost in this book.  Skipping around in the book and reading through the different subjects is fine however if the computer user is a beginner they should consider starting from the beginning so that they will receive all of the information needed.  The DVD is very informational and useful for the computer user.  The DVD will also help you to get up to speed quickly.  This Windows 7 book and DVD are worth the price and I would recommend it anyone who wants to learn more about how to best use the Windows 7 operating system. 

iPad 2 For Seniors For Dummies

by Nancy C. Muir

Book:  iPad 2 For Seniors For Dummies by Nancy C. Muir

The Dummies books have been one of the most helpful series in well over a decade providing much needed simplified help covering a massive array of topics.  Although I’m not a senior citizen I felt this book would be helpful for seniors who have the iPad 2 or will be receiving it as a gift this Christmas and are trying to gain a better understanding of new technology. 

iPad 2 for Seniors for Dummies guides the user through how to choose the right iPad, features for those have challenges with hearing or vision, how the iPad can locate itself, in addition to keep track of tasks and appointment, and troubleshooting tips. 

This book covers both the iPad and iPad 2 and it includes larger fonts and full color illustrations which are senior-friendly.  This new edition is perfect for discovering the new features of the iPad learning all of the tablet’s bells and whistles.  This book will help the reader to get the most out of the guide and increase their comprehension of the iPad.  This book has a clear easy- to- follow language with easy directions. 

This book discusses how to browse the web, watch videos, view photos,  use it for email, social networking sites such as Facebook, reading iBooks, playing music, how to use the maps, calendar, FaceTime video chatting, navigate through the home screen, use the Safari browser, purchase apps and games, safety and security, and much more.  The new edition of this book has new information about the iOS5, iCloud features, iMessage, Newsstand app for discovering and subscribing to magazines, Reminders, Reader and Reading List tools, etc. 


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson


This book is based on over forty interviews with Steve Jobs over a period of two years.  Interviews were conducted with over a hundred of Jobs’ family, friends, colleagues, competitors, and adversaries.  Walter Isaacson wrote a touching book on the man who symbolizes with the Apple symbol.  Steve Jobs revolutionized six industries such personal computers, animated movies, phones, music, digital publishing and tablet computing.  Walter Isaacson was able to get a clear view of what Steve Jobs saw such as his Reality Distortion Field when it served him the best.  He said that he was able to get caught up in it as it is not only a feeling but the ability to bend reality to convince a person to do the impossible.

This 600 page book was great and beautifully written however I felt there could always be more to the story however that is what creates mystery of a person.  Tony Fadell’s role in the development of the iPhone was mentioned but there was not a closure or further mention after he was driven out of the company after the release of the iPhone.  It would have been nice to know more of the incident and what happened.  Steve Jobs was an amazing man and while I wish there was more about him however I believe that is my curiosity to know so much more about a person.  He was gone entirely too soon but he made a very large dent in the world and that will never be forgotten. 

Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro by Tris Hussey


Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro by Tris Hussey.  This book focuses on how to create your blog simply and get the reader up and running by reading through this helpful guide.  This book assists the readers to create a personal or business blog of their own and shows them to easily build up worldwide traffic to their blog.  Tris Hussey helps the reader to create great blogs including:
  • Personal Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Lifestreaming Blogs
  • Portfolio blogs for artists
  • Video Blogs
  • Blogs for Podcasting

The author focuses on creating low-cost blogs and using inexpensive tools including essential writing tips.  The author shares their top tips and tricks on how to easily set up their blog, writing blog entries that will draw a crowd, how to handle comments, and complaints, how to create build a community and lead through creating a conversation on your blog, how to use publicize your blog, avoid beginner blogger mistakes, choose the right platform and inexpensive blogging tools, and how to earn cash from your blog.

I found this book to be helpful in meeting the needs a beginner blogger would be looking for and it is easy to read and follow.  I think the book would also be helpful to the intermediate blogger who may already know how to create a blog but may not know how to build up publicity or how to tweak their blog setup.  This book does cater to those who use Wordpress as their blog platform however for other types of platforms such as Blogger, it does cover the topic but not as heavily compared to Wordpress.